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You Inspired is a Transformational Coaching Company, helping you maximise your potential through conscious awareness. We offer boutique, personalised solutions in the following areas:





True transformation and positive changes come from the inside out. Our professional background, training and experience allows us to address your issues with individual attention, to support you towards the outcomes you desire.

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." 


About me...

Hello! I am Dimuthu Perera, a transformational personal coach and the founder of You Inspired. I am passionate about empowering you with self-awareness and self-confidence. My approach is through simple, practical and easy to understand methods. 

My training and education so far:

  • Associate member of the International Coach Guild
  • Advanced Practitioner of Coaching, The Coaching Institute 
  • Human Resource Management, Mount Royal University 
  • Graduate of Psychology and Information Systems, University of Sydney
  • Yellow Lantern Public Speaking Facilitator 
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about you...

Are you experiencing conflict in your workplace?

Would you like your teams to be more engaged and high performing?

Are you struggling with making important decisions?

Are you experiencing a dilemma you can't move past?

Do you find yourself sabotaging your own progress?

Are you lacking self-confidence?

Would you love to improve your current relationships?

Are you feeling lost and confused with your life at the moment?

Do you struggle with anger and frustration?

Are you craving for some insightful readings?

Do you want to step up to your full potential?