For Adults

You Inspired provides one-to-one coaching sessions, designed to help individuals navigate through different areas of their lives.

Choose from the packages below to start moving towards a more confident YOU!




Do you need to have a quick session to refocus your mind for an upcoming meeting, appointment or event? We can offer you a one off session to help you with some speed coaching to boost your confidence and to get you on your way.



Not getting the results you want in your career or life? Are you working hard but it doesn’t seem to be paying off? Then this is for you.

Spend 3 session to clarify and re-focus so you can achieve your maximum potential.



Are you struggling to connect with your family, partner or colleagues? Would you like to build healthy, supportive and loving connections? Would you like to feel more valued and acknowledged?

Spend 3 powerful sessions to elevate you and take your relationships to another level.



Are you struggling to find balance in your life? With all the priorities and commitments you have, do you feel as if you hardly have a moment to pause?

Spend 4 sessions to re-balance your mind. Breakthrough an unresourceful pattern in your life and walk away with the techniques and strategies to make sure it never happens again!