Spring Cleaning

Photo by  Skitter Photo

Photo by Skitter Photo

I can’t wait for Spring! The grass will turn greener, the flowers will bloom… Waking up to sunlight instead of the alarm in the dark, is a treat. It is such a welcomed and highly anticipated change. Spring signifies newness in so many ways. This newness in climate doesn’t just bring the animals out of hibernation, it feels like us humans are also waking up after a long few months, itching for some change. How can we take advantage of these new circumstances and make change so much more effective? 

Historically, as the warm weather starts again, people would open their doors and windows to allow for the fresh air to help sweep out the dust collected indoors. Historically it allowed for the furnace soot from the walls and furniture to be cleaned out. This is where the term “Spring Cleaning” comes from and we practice this, slightly differently, to this day.

A big part of our Spring Cleaning process is the act of getting rid of unnecessary clutter. We pack away our winter woollies and bring out our shorts and hats. We roll away our heaters and bring out the fans. We clean out our kitchen cupboards of the chocolate treats and replace them with some healthier, greener options to start shedding the winter weight. Some of us are also cutting out our unhealthy relationships and replacing them with new connections. So, for the most part, we aren’t really clearing the clutter. We are just replacing it. As motivated as we are to get rid of the old, we are even more motivated to replace them! Because generally speaking, the majority of us humans are really uneasy with empty spaces; regardless of whether it is in our cupboards, on our bookshelves, in our schedules or in our minds. Spaces are uncomfortable. Gaps are awkward. So we fill them up. But not this Spring! This Spring, I am changing the way I do this. I am going to make it my mission to make more space as I declutter.

Why? Because these spaces in our lives are so important to us. It allows us to reflect, to observe and grow. It gives us the chances to re-evaluate our lives and our surroundings; to get reorganized. The truth is, our physical environment, mainly our homes, are a reflection of our internal environments. So decluttering our homes is going to undoubtedly change our internal landscapes too. This change allows newness, in self-awareness and growth for better connections, opportunities and happiness!

So I encourage you to join me and change your usual Spring Cleaning process to a Making Space process instead. Starting with your homes, use this occasion to clear out the clutter and make space for new opportunities, growth and connections. And there’s no better time for it than Spring.

For more guidance with decluttering your home, I can recommend the easy to read book; Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. For decluttering your mind, reach out to me and let me help you!