Download your Cheat Sheet for giving criticism like a pro!

I am so happy that the article published in the Elephant Journal was so helpful to so many people. Majority of the feedback I received was about how it can be easily applied to our daily lives. We all think of feedback as an issue to be dealt with in the workplace. However, that is just not the case! How we communicate in our homes, within our families, to our children, to our friends and most importantly, to ourselves, is much more important! 

In an effort to make it even easier for everyone to apply it to their daily lives, I have created a 'cheat sheet' of sorts. It is a simplified version of the article that was published. My reason for creating this is to take my article a step further to shift the way we communicate to one another. This can be printed and hung on your fridge at home or in the family room or in the lunch room at work. Anywhere to help make this process a natural habit. It's as simple as Define, Refine & Align! 

I trust this will be helpful.