Been fishing? How's your catch?

December is that time of the year isn't it - it's fun, love-filled, generous, (expensive) and celebratory. It's also the month where we check-in on our collective catch for the year. See, we've all been fishing and will pause this month to see how we did. Then we bait our hooks and re-cast our lines again, for the new year. What are we fishing for? Happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction, peace. What's the catch? Stuff - material and immaterial. What's the bait? Desire. The Desire Hook is thought to be the most effective bait to ensure we get exactly what we are fishing for. Until now.

When you think back to moments in your life when you wanted for something - can you recall how satisfied you were after you got it? You probably couldn't wait for it and, like most of us, probably got excited every time that you thought about having it.  But when you got what it is that you wanted, how long did that satisfied feeling last? Can you recall how long before you were taken by something else you wanted? When you hook this Desire onto the end of your fishing line and cast it to catch things in the hopes of drawing in some satisfaction, how successful was it? How many times did it miss?  

Want to know the real truth about desires? It has been written that the sense of happiness that you think you get from getting that thing, doesn't actually come from that thing at all! (Did you get that?) That feeling of happiness or satisfaction is separate to the fruition of your material or emotional desires. These feelings are actually a result of you  letting go of the wanting for these things. It is really, you letting yourself off the Desire Hook for a moment. 

Let's just pause and think about this for a minute. Although we think that it is that extra slice of cake that makes us happy and although it is probably delicious, the happiness doesn't come from the piece of cake. The happiness comes from not wanting the cake any more. When you get the slice of cake on your plate and you are about to dig into it, or even after that first bite, in a split second, you have let go of the wanting for it. This letting go brings you the happiness. So the cake doesn't make you happy, you letting go of desiring it makes you happy. 

If we take this concept and apply it to our entire life, we can separate our 'being' from our 'having'. Regardless of what we have, it does not effect our state of being. Our happiness does not depend on what we get throughout or at the end of the year. That satisfaction comes from letting go of the desire. This also applies to not having. Our being does not depend on what we do not have - not having that house by the water or not having that certain lifestyle does not make us less of a human being. If we are not driven by our desires and driven by our sense of being, then we will have everything we work towards through this authenticity. 

So, before you cast that line out again with a big juicy Desire hooked onto the end of it, maybe think about casting a net of Authenticity instead.