For Children

You Inspired provides programs and sessions specially designed for children in the areas of:

Emotional Awareness & Behaviour

Confidence & Motivation

Public Speaking & Creativity

Friendships & Connection


One-to-One sessions

These sessions are designed to discovering the child and helping them create change in their situations. By exploring what is causing them frustration or unhappiness, they will learn techniques and strategies to help come up with healthier and better solutions.

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Wonderful Me Program

This program is specially designed to bring self-confidence to your child. The tailored sessions will explore emotion, motivation, friendships and confidence. It will empower the child with self-awareness, tools for re-framing negative experiences and grow their confidence.     

Public Speaking Program

Through the Lantern League Public Speaking Program, children can participate in after school clubs to learn the powerful skills of public speaking and unleashing their creativity. Contact us below to find a club closest to you.             


With one session itself, I can see her actually being happy .. I can feel it for the first time that she will be alright .. that she has the fight in her to be alright! Thank you thank you for giving my happy girl back again .... you have spent your precious one hour with my daughter to bring back her happiness.. Nothing I can do will repay that ... you have such an amazing job ..bringing the inner joy back to the kids!! It has been a while since I actually felt she was truly happy in herself ! I had not seen this glow from a while!!
She was so anxious from this morning to see you ... But now she actually wants to see you every week. I can’t express my happiness that I feel in seeing her be happy with herself ! That is all I ever want from her .. be happy with herself .. getting joy in small things ! - Meena V

"Amazing work - so proud of how far my child has come along with confidence...(her) confidence level is due to your work over the past couple of years. Thank you". - Linda G

"Very lively, creative sessions. Thanks a ton for being a wonderful tutor. Bless you and Bless the kids. Please keep the spirit soaring." - Anand T

"Thank you so much for all your efforts. I see a big difference in kids regarding their confidence and ability to take a challenge" - Iram S

"I cannot truly believe how much (my son) has improved. Thank you so much for your support and encouraging (him) to bring his hidden talents (out)" - Tharanga M

"You are an amazing public speaker and you've encouraged me so much. Thank you!" - 9 year old

"Your dedication and passion oozes out of you and the kids absorb every bit. Thank you." - Meeta G

"It is wonderful. I can see my child is making tremendous changes in her personality and working towards her growth. She has developed confidence and coming out of her shyness. Thank you Dimuthu for all your efforts and guidance". - Geetha L