” The best coaches inspire you, understand your game inside out, care about you, have a passion for what they coach and have the skills to help you reach your potential. Dimuthu is a truly great coach in every sense of the word. “
— Shane M

"The sessions with you have brought up greater awareness, confidence in myself and provided me with some wonderful takeaways into furthering my personal growth, values and vision. This is truly an amazing gift you have that inspires and brings out the best in us."

- Isura F

“She is smart, experienced in what she does & won’t let you off the hook,… and she is 100%, to be more accurate, 120 % present in the sessions. Certainly more present than myself!”

- Shirin D

“My coaching sessions with Dimuthu have been amazing. The vision Dimuthu has given me has accelerated my personal growth beyond any level I thought possible. Starting from a solid foundation each session built on the session before and so together we created my new goals, dreams and ambitions. Her comforting words, tone and empathetic nature gave me the safety to open myself to grasp all the concepts and opportunities that we discussed, and therefore has allowed me to believe that anything I set my mind to can, and is, achievable for me; I just need to go for it. Thank you Dimuthu.”

- Sia K


“I was coached by Dimuthu after she was recommended to me. I was a little apprehensive about seeing a life coach as I wasn’t 100% sure exactly what a life coach did, or that I could get anything out of it. I am so glad I booked that first session. Dimuthu is an amazing person who I feel lucky to have met. She has a unique gift and I felt instantly comfortable sharing my thoughts. I was totally inspired and empowered after each of our meetings and feel I now have the tools to get exactly what I want out of life. I would recommend Dimuthu to anyone. She has given me a new found confidence and determination which has allowed me to believe anything is achievable. I love being the new me!”

- Elyce M

“I’m not sure what I would have done without your coaching and support, after a couple of months I was able to honestly say to myself that I was “basically ok”. I’m forever grateful.”
— -David B

“Dimuthu is simply amazing. From the very start, she was committed to really hearing me and understanding the issues unique to my personal situation. She then opened my eyes to the barriers I alone had created and helped me set myself free from my own fears. I also received some invaluable tools to help me stay on track as I go forward. Each step of the way she guided me through my journey to self-awareness with amazing skill and compassion, she was really there for me. I have never felt as content, liberated and in control of my feelings, goals and my life as much as I feel since being coached by Dimuthu”

- Samadhi B

.”She approached sensitive topics gently and allowed me to be myself in a judgment free environment which resulted in me embracing myself for all my strengths as well as my weaknesses. This milestone for me was my greatest achievement as it contributed significantly to enhance myself confidence and breakthrough some of the internal barriers to reaching my fullest potential.” - Daneesha F

"Dimuthu helped me to find a new direction in life, have stronger self belief and to be kinder to myself. I now have a positive attitude to life and reward myself for my success. I can thank Dimuthu for helping me to see that life is great, bright and beautiful. I absolutely believe that Life coaching has changed me for the better. My relationships are more positive, I am happier and have the direction in my life I haven't had before. I also made some huge life changing decisions that are really exciting! I highly recommend Dimuthu, and will continue to use her for my ongoing personal growth and improvement. Thank you again Dimuthu."

- Zead G

“My mantra was ‘fake it till you make it’. I lived it for years. I carried a heavy burden on my shoulders, so comfortable in the safe space of victim, not realising the freedom that came with letting go and choosing a different room. Nobody saw through the facade. Nobody, until Dimuthu. I honestly can’t tell you how she did it, but she did it. She has changed everything about my life. I am so happy now, a weight I have been carrying for years has lifted from my shoulders. I am as light as a feather. My language has changed and my life has changed. My relationship with my husband is amazing, our work is booming and the ripple on effect continues and has reached my sister’s life, and continues to flow. I am so grateful that I was brave enough to let go and trust her. By far, the best decision of my life!” - Rebecca R